About Me

Hello my name is Paula Burns & you are very welcome to my blog. So where do I start? Well anyone who knows me will know that when it comes to fashion, I simply love it all. Ever since I can remember I’ve had a fashion magazine stuck under my arm & I have always experimented with my style. I’d say now that I’m a little older I have established a style that works for me. I’d describe it as neo-rock with some classic pieces mixed in. My style heroines would be Carine Roitfeld, Alexa Chung, Edie Sedgwick and of course Kate Moss. So I’d like to think my style channels a touch of all their signature looks.

I’m lucky enough to be a freelance feature writer which allows me to write about fashion a lot. Currently I contribute on a regular basis to the The Irish Examiner and MFI (Men’s Fashion Ireland) Magazine, with a few others in between so you never know where I might pop up!
I started this blog because I love to write & I love fashion. I’m hoping to take the blog in a new direction where I will show my readers a bit more about my own style and any tips that I may have while keeping you all up to date on what’s happening in the fashion world both here & abroad.

So I hope you will take a ‘Stylish Leap of Faith’ with me


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