Colour goes Pow

Colour at Joanne Hynes

It looks as though spring may finally be here. The sun is not only shinning but dare I say it there’s a hint of warmth behind it too. Brighter days call for ditching our beloved black and navy palate that we love so much for the winter months. It’s time to start bringing a touch of colour back to our wardrobes. I couldn’t think of a better collection out there then Joanne Hynes for Dunnes Stores to remedy the darkness bestowed on our apparel.

If you are familiar with Joanne’s designs then it will come as no surprise that the Irish designer embodies brightness and daring colour in her collections. There is always a fun factor to her designs with this season being no different. This time round the fun has the punchiness of a cartoon. The loud ‘Pow’ icon seen throughout the pieces reminds me of Saturday mornings watching the 1960s TV version of Batman starring Adam West. Fight scenes with Batman and Robin against their famous nemesis like the Joker would be broken up with big splashes of cartoon words like Pow!, Bap! and Kapow!

It’s interesting how Joanne has incorporated this touch of nostalgia to the silhouettes of the season. Her full skirts, matching cardigans and box shift dress (with Pow! emblazoned on the front) bring 50s/60s looks through to the 21st century.

While I know that stepping away from the sartorial comfort blanket of black can be daunting, a smidgen of colour can bring a whole new dynamic to your wardrobe…in a good way! Choose one key piece such as the cloud printed trousers. Keep it bold at the bottom by matching with a simple shirt. Just like Joanne’s designs with a little bit of fashion courage you too can be bold, bright and beautiful.

The funky green and pink tones in the leopard print works magically here. This would work well as an easy summer day dress or transitional piece. And of course, an Irish summer wouldn’t be the same without the threat of rain. This mac ensures what lies beneath will remain on show.

colour at Joanne Hynes
Leopard Sketch Dress, €150, Rainy Day Mac, €120 at Joanne Hynes for Dunnes Stores

This look has all the feels of a contemporary Mad Men. I have to admit I am a sucker for the fuller 50s style skirt.

 Joanne Hynes Carousel Dress
Carousel Dress, €180, Jewel Lover Cardigan, €90 at Joanne Hynes for Dunnes Stores

The printed trouser suit is a modern twist on the classic Yves Saint Laurent le smoking suit.

Joanne Hynes
Stormy Day Trousers, €100, Jacket, €150 at Joanne Hynes for Dunnes Stores

Last but most certainly not least as this is my favourite from the collection, the Pow! Boxer dress. For me it’s the juxtaposition of the cartoonish element set against a classic cut that captures the sartorial want within me.

Colour at Joanne Hynes
Pow! Boxer Dress, €100 at Joanne Hynes for Dunnes Stores

Happy shopping. Let me know your thoughts on the collection xx