The Sweatshirt Edit

Over the past few seasons the ‘slogan tee’ has been creeping into our everyday wear. This is probably thanks to the revolution that has been athleisure and our want for comfort when it comes to style. It seems that the natural evolution from the ‘slogan tee’ is the introduction of its big sister the Sweatshirt.

Despite donning quite a petite frame I have never shied too far from the over-sized look, even though for flattery reasons I probably should. This season I have fallen hard for the signature sweatshirt. I suppose it all goes back to being comfortable and as the evenings grow shorter adding a touch of comfort to your wardrobe is only natural.

The first hint that the sweatshirt would hit the big time came back in 2014 with the explosive rise of the design collaboration that is Vetements. Most recently as part of her new-found title of style icon, Celine Dion was spotted wearing their Titanic oversized sweatshirt.

When it comes to the signature sweatshirt it doesn’t have to be designer. As always the high street has our back when it comes to creating a designer look for a quarter of the price. There are so many variations of the sweatshirt to suit every style. You can match with a skirt and opaque tights as I do or throw on over skinny jeans or better yet go for the major oversized and match with just black tights letting the sweatshirt do all the talking.

Mango have everything covered, from subtle beaded detail to all out band sweatshirts. As always Zara know how to be bold from their shaggy sleeve sweatshirt to the TRF sequined jacquard style, you will certainly stand out from the crowd…in a good way!

Topshop have not only incorporated our love of the 90’s with sports branded sweatshirts but have taken the modern twist on the sweatshirt with subtle embellishments meaning there is a style to suit all. River Island have also gotten in on the act. I’m loving their nod to the millennial pink trend with their faux fur sleeve sweatshirt. My new favourite high street store Stradivarius bring the subtle details to the fore. They have brought the model off duty grey sweatshirt into 2017 with an embellishment of pearls or if feathers are your thing check out their feather trim sleeve style.



I’d love to hear you’re thoughts on the Sweatshirt trend, so don’t be afraid to comment below!