Basic Stripes

Just as florals are to Spring, the Breton Stripe may not be a groundbreaking go-to look but style doesn’t always have to be break boundaries. To ease me back into the world of blogging and sharing my style tips with you I’ve gone back to basics.

There is nothing easier than throwing on the always stylish Breton stripe. Introduced into the realms of the fashion world by styles founding member, Coco Chanel, the Breton stripe has never looked back. What makes the Breton so accessible is its easy wearability. Throw on under a dust coat and jeans or do as I do and match with a skirt, opaque tights and you’re good to go. This little beauty adds instant class to any look. Not only do you stay classy but the horizontal stripes are flattering too.

Staying within the lines of navy and white isn’t a necessity to bringing this look alive. My go to store for all things striped is & Other Stories I especially love the pink stripe especially for these winter months, its great to add a splash of colour. In true Zara style they have deconstructed the Breton to incorporate this seasons oversized shirt look. Another haunt of mine for finding the perfect Breton top is Scout  in Temple Bar in Dublin. No matter the time of year there will always be a Breton ready to wear.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to wear it Alexa Chung is the ultimate Breton girl. Or go to the roots of the style and take inspiration from French muses such as Charlotte Gainsbourg, Clémence Poésy and of course Coco Chanel herself.

The world of stripes is your oyster!


Clémence Poésy

Alexa Chung Breton Stripe