Confessions of a Non-Blogger


Sorry Blogosphere it’s been almost three years since my last blog post. Wow I can’t believe it has been that long. I suppose they say better late than never…I hope the wait will be worth it! I started this blog back in 2010 at a time where there were only the elite few bloggers in Ireland. At the time, I took inspiration from bloggers across the pond in the UK such as Susie Bubble and Park & Cube. These days blogging has taken on a whole new perspective especially fashion blogging.

My ‘revival’ as I like to call it isn’t an attempt to compete with what’s out there now. Instead I’ve decided to be true to the original ethos behind Stylewhisperings. While like everyone else I love to drool over the latest #ootd or perfectly composed flatlays, I want Stylewhisperings to have a little extra. I’m hoping to resurge my love of fashion. I want to talk about what fashion is all about; the trends of the seasons, the people behind what we wear, the business of fashion, the politics behind it and why fashion is art. This is my true passion so expect some ramblings and a dip into those fashion related moments that inspire me from the photographers to designers to the models.


I understand that fashion isn’t a major turn-on for everyone and so I’ve decided this time round to branch out to some of my other passions in life. Literature holds a very special place in my heart. Growing up my house was filled with books and it was my Dad’s one true love next to music and old movies. He opened up this wondrous land of imagination to me, a place of marvel and escapism. I hope to share and capture the world of literature for others just as he did for me. I will fill you in on some of my latest reads. They may not always be highbrow – let’s face it due to my desire for a good old detective book the more Pulitzer prize winner types won’t always been on the list but hey reading is all about that escapism.


And finally, I’m going to throw a bit of the ole journo topics into the mix. As some of you may know I do dabble in a bit of feature writing. I mainly write about fashion but every now and then I like to turn my hand to a feature piece. As a freelance journalist, you spend a lifetime pitching ideas. Amongst the hundreds you send inevitably there will be a stockpile that doesn’t reach an editor’s imagination. For good reason, of course however there can be times where as a journalist you feel the topic should be given a voice. Now that I have revived the blogger within me I intend to share some of those lost articles here and hopefully I wasn’t crazy at thinking that readers may be interested.

I hope you like the new approach to Stylewhisperings & I look forward to hearing your thoughts…