The Olsen Truth


Do you ever see a headline & get utterly excited only to read down a few lines & realise what’s in the headline isn’t exactly the whole truth? That happened to me this week with a very promising fashion headline.

It was about my ultimate style crushes, The Olsen Twins. The headline read that the style icons are realising a more accessible clothing line for the high-street. My heart literally skipped a beat. I mean this is the duo who designed a backpack which retailed at a $55,000. This was slightly out of my reach so the thought of a line which I may actually be able to afford from the twins was like my birthday & Christmas happening at once.

BUT the excitement was short lived. For those living in Sweden & Norway it’s fantastic news. Scandinavian retailer Bik Bok have created a collection which is inspired by the girl’s vintage, grunge look mixed with fab The Row type basics. The girls get me every time with their over sized shirts & jumpers matched with cigarette pants or skinnies. Their giant sunglasses & humongous bags are their signature look.

For the Bik Bok range think leather, faux fur, huge accessories all within a price range of 25 to 500 euro & you’re in Olsen heaven. All you need now is a Ryanair flight to Oslo….that is if they fly to Oslo. Otherwise fingers crossed that maybe another Scandinavian store may want a piece of the Olsen cake & do a collaboration. Yes H&M it is you we’re talking about….


Here are just a few inspirational images of the girls…

Olsens 1 olsens 2 olsens 3 olsens 5 Jenni Kayne Fall 2007 - Front Row olsens 8 olsens 9 olsens 11 olsens 10 olsens 12


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