Made in Plaid Nirvana

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It seems that lately everything in life is pointing backwards to the not so distant era of the 90’s. There’s the Icona Pop song…’but I’m a nineties bitch’…the weather we’ve been having is circa 1995 and well grunge is back.

My monthly volumes of fashion mags are in & despite it being mid-summer I’m already beginning to visualise my Autumn wardrobe. I haven’t totally given in yet & I know that we are all still holding out hope that come the end of August when the kids start going to school we’ll get that Indian summer & the chance to whip out those summer brights again.

But when the pages are full to the brim of what’s next for fashion it’s hard to ignore, as is the plaid. The grunge effect has been creeping in over the past few seasons. It’s been mixed with a touch of punk, with leather & studs being the star show. Now it’s plaids turn to get in the spotlight.

The instant image that comes to mind is Kurt Cobain in the blue plaid shirt. The nineties were my teenage years. Grunge defined the decade. Wearing a plaid shirt meant you belonged, even if you just through it on cause heaven forbid you actually thought about it. That would be really uncool. The essence of grunge was that you looked as though you didn’t care what you were wearing. The style portrayed sloppiness. But the reality was completely the opposite.
I often find in fashion that it’s those who speak the loudest about not following a trend who are usually the ones making one or in utter succession of one. That they are no longer individual though desperately wanting to be. At the end of the day Grunge was a fashion which was followed by millions.
I’m looking forward to going back. I have the next month or two to look for inspiration & find ways to incorporate grunge back into my fashion life. I can promise this won’t be the only post based on the iconic trend.
And so I’m off to sulk in my room, listen to Nirvana & watch my box-set of My So-Called Life….maybe I’ll dye my hair red again…



Here’s from the Catwalk:

Saint Laurant celine-givenchy-stella 2014


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