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So judging by the weather over the past few weeks I think we can safely say that Summer has arrived in Ireland. Summer in Ireland = no work being done inside the house in fear that this may be the last day of sunshine for the rest of the year! This is my excuse anyway for not posting!

It seems to be a growing theme of late that the cover of British Elle catches my eye. I am an avid fan of the fashion bible & it is a continued must have part of my style feed each month. This month, Little Pixie Geldof, received her first cover shoot for the mag.
As part of the coolest London gang which includes my style obsession Miss Alexa, Pixie has carved her own iconic style & look.

With the late Paula Yates as their mum it was inevitable that one of the Geldof girls was going to make it into fashion. Pixie encapsulates the modern look, while emulating her late mother’s style. She has a slightly androgynous look with her signature pixie cut which mirrors that of Yates’, which she sometimes offsets with a grunge staple plaid shirt. Other times Pixie chooses the juxtaposition of the short hair matched with a girly tea dress.

But modelling is just part of the 22 year-olds talents. like her Dad Bob, Pixie is a singer-song-writer who is determined to make it with her band without using her Dad’s name. This work ethic & want of achievement through her own hard work I think is testament to how Geldof has raised his children. Yes there were a few teenage hiccups with Pixie & her sister Peaches but these seem to have ironed themselves out & both girls now seem extremely mature beyond their years.

By coincidence when I had decided to write this post (almost 3 weeks ago now & I’m only getting to it!), Bob Geldof was interviewed by Ray D’Arcy on Today FM as the Boomtown Rats were due to play Ireland for the first time since 1986. Anyone who knows me will know that I am a huge fan of Bob. I don’t know much about his music but on a personal level I think he is an Irish man who truly should be admired. It seems that a lot of Irish people have a bad impression of him. This is possibly just the usual Irish begrudgement of an Irishman who has done well in life. During the interview many listeners texted in to say that they were pleasantly surprised by him & that they no longer thought he was a ‘gobshite’. Their words not mine. I’m glad & I definitely recommend a listen to it.

For me my admiration began when Geldof fought to bring up Yates’ daughter Tiger-Lily. I think it takes a very admirable man to do something like that so as a little girl could grow up with her big sisters. I think it shows enormous integrity & deserves respect. Also he’s from my town of Dun Laoghaire & always reminds me of my big brother Emmet so maybe that’s why I have a soft spot!PGeldof plaid shirt Pixie-Geldof- Elle Fashion awards PixieGeldof Sixtie look pixie-geldof-elle cover Pixie & Alexa front row Paula Yates & Bob Geldof Paula Yates 2 Paula Yates Bob Geldof

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Oh & P.S. Congrats to Will & Kate on the birth of their baby boy!


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