Not So Red Carpet


Awards season has well & truly begun for La-La Land. Each year I write a post on the hottest & the not so prettiest choices on the red carpet. This year I wasn’t going to bother because it’s not the kind of direction I want to blog to go now that it’s currently under transformation! But there was one dress which caught my eye on the red carpet of the Golden Globes & well the vision hasn’t quite escaped me since I saw it on tv here on Monday. And yes I know it’s a bit late in the week to be talking about the GG’s but E’s Fashion Police were airing their GG special tonight so I figured I’m not that late.
Back to the dress, the dress which has once again put into question how a Hollywood stylist can get something so incredibly wrong & if there was no stylist…then why oh why wasn’t there one.
To be honest I don’t relish in writing posts which ridicule a person’s choice of guna but Lena Dunham, you should have asked an honest friends opinion before you left the house. Which brings me to the point that the brown paper bag which she was wearing was designed & made especially for the event by her dear & long time friend Zac Posen. Zac had obviously stepped out of a late eighties/ early nineties vacuum where oversized prom dresses made from satin & in the shade of brown used for the Galaxy Chocolate wrapper was ‘The’ colour.
I can understand the off the shoulder look to show off her tattoos. In fairness they’re big & so I’m sure a lot of pain & money went into them so they should be used as an accessory but the cut of the dress was just all wrong. Girls is a show about funky, hip New York twenty something’s & this dress just cried middle-aged, frumpy woman. It’s the shows first award season & Dunham is a woman of great talents & well it would have been great if she had also nailed that red carpet. Next time Lena borrow your co-star Allison Williams stylist who got it right with a sexy, young J Mendal dress….


P.S. Loved Lena’s look for the shoot for Interview Magazine






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