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Hello All,

So the below picture is my fashion reading list for the New Year. I just have to finish Game of Thrones first so maybe I’ll get started sometime around 2020….

You will notice there are two books on Alexander McQueen there. This may ever so slightly bring to light my obsession with McQueen. I make no apologies as McQueen himself would have been my all time favourite designer when he was alive & yes of course I still adore all things McQueen under the hands of Sarah Burton. (more on my obsession in later posts…).

The thickest book of the lot Grace is the memoir of Grace Coddington, Creative Director of US Vogue. Grace is a living fashion legend. Her work is a portfolio of inspiration. Up until the making of the September Issue, Coddington was relatively unknown to those who didn’t read American Vogue. She had never saught the limelight and was very reluctant to being filmed for the documentary. Thanks to the documentary those of us who were aware of the greatness that is Grace are now able to find out a little more about the women who has created so many wonderful shoots.

I am now half way through Stylefeed, which is a book about funnily enough, fashion blogs. As a blogger and a lover of things fashion related, I read a lot of fashion blogs. So this is why I’m reading Stylefeed, which is a selection of the best fashion blogs. The blogs are chosen by blogger veteran Susie Bubble. It’s due to Susie Bubble that I decided to set up this blog, hers was the first blog I had read and straight away I was inspired! The blogs featured in the book aren’t necessarily those with the largest following instead they are the ones which are unique and inspiring. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!



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