Hello all,

I am bowing my head in shame for the so few post I've put on the blog! So sorry! I will be writing a lot more now and especially over the next few weeks as the fashion calender hots up in Dublin. Firstly there was last week's Fusion Fashion show. I wrote how I felt the night went (and it was bad) on alter-native.ie. But I do want to emphasise that it was the organisation of the night and not the designers that was so terrible. The designers were fantastic and deserved a hell of a a lot more recognition than they received. Especially considering the students are in their final year of college and it was obvious by the designs that so much hard work and dedication went into them and the preparing of their applications and mood boards. All that hard work for so little time on the catwalk, what a pity!

Anyway lets forget about the past and look to the future that is next week and next Wednesday night in particular. Two of Dublin's hottest fashion events will be taking place on the same night but their times don't clash too much so I'll be able to pop to both, and phew too cause I hate to miss an event! Firstly kicking off the evening is the launch of the Nokia Young Designer Award exhibition at Powerscourt Town House in Dublin. The exhibition will feature the designs of the twenty finalists and the event will take place over the following three days. On each day there will a fashion related talk or event. I'm really looking forward to the live fashion shoot on Saturday. For free, all you fashionistas can watch a real life fashion shoot take place! This is a once and life-time chance to see how those fashion pages of the magazines come together, something all followers of fashion shouldn't miss.

And if that's not enough fashion for one night I'm then going to hot trot it, in my new clogs might I add, all the way to Vicar Street for the DIT Fashion Show! The show that's in it's seventh year promises to be  a great night of fashion with student designers battling it out for the coveted prize of 2000 euro  and the accolade of being honoured as the Student Designer of the Year 2010. As a preview to the show I  can give you a sneak peak at the eight finalists designs and how their concepts evolved under the Rock Revolution theme. The judges really will have a tough decision to make on the night. These designers are really fantastic and it's exciting to know that soon they will be out on the fashion scene making designs for us all. I really like Joyce Sillery's design "Rock a Doll". It was quite circus like as she explains in her concept but I love the structure of the neckline, the drama and boldness of it. And I love where she got her concept from, from Lada Gaga weirdness to the fantastic of the  Circus, which has been a strong themes in the music industry of late, from that Take That's Circus tour and album title to Britney's album title also. So the show kicks off on Wednesday March 24 at 8 pm at Vicar Street. Tickets are 20 euro for students and 25 for non-students are are available from tickets.ie and the DIT student's union shop.


Joyce Sillery, Crumlin, Dublin on ‘Rock a Doll’/Rock Revolution 

I looked back on KISS, the old rock band – and looked to who would be the new KISS of our time. That’s how I found Lady Gaga to be my inspiration and I wanted to bring something weird and different so I looked at circus and clowns for shapes and prints and made the 3 become 1. 

D, Amanda M, ElizabethAmanda Grogan, Malahide, "Rock God"

My outfit is a white knee length leather jacket with pipe detailing on the back and sleeves with metallic white panelling, and a centre transparent zip closure with a raw edge at hem. Then a white power net and mesh top and a black trouser with back pleat. I was inspired by contemporary Christian architecture and references to god in contemporary rock songs.

D, Emmy M, Suzie 

Emmy Slattery, Malahide, Dublin “Metallic Knights” 

My dress is a black plastic dress which is worn over grey leather trousers. My inspiration came from images of French heroine Joan of Arc and her medieval armour.

D, Umit M, Alyson 

Umit Kutluk, Glenealy, Co. Wicklow on Manifesto of Visions 

I have used metallic effect materials to reflect the themes of ‘metallic nights’ the designs are sexy, futuristic, and influences from heavy metal. Light effects are used in my designs to incorporate the theme of ‘Electric Days’. Lights are evocative of ideas and powerful feelings.

With the theme of ‘Rock Revolution’ I have tries to use the idea of revolt, no limits changing ideas and pop culture in the execution of the designs. In addition I have used 3-D effect which is a particular interest of mine. 


Averil Blakely, Knocklyon, Dublin “One for Sorrow, two for Joy”  

I was inspired by the photography of Eugeno Recuenco; by his cinematic and dramatic work. My initial inspiration began by looking at the traits and extracting colour and silhouette. My outfit is about presence and drama.  



Fiona Nunan, Greystones, Co. Wicklow on Revolution Through Illumination 

I have been inspired by rock music, bright lights and fast living. I wanted my outfit to be versatile, to bring a girl living on the edge from day to night in a seamless metallic, eye catching way.

My outfit is low maintenance so the girl living in a fast-paced world can keep up.

The world of Rock is the world of bright lights, so I have carried the theme of light throughout my inspiration.

The top and trousers are inspired by the speed of light the jacket by light bulbs. 



Jaclyn Maher, Phibsboro, Dublin 7 on Electric Venom 

My inspiration was drawn from rock music, influenced by the ‘electric days, metallic nights’ theme. It’s a modern take on clothes worn by rock fans in the 70’s and 80’s – tight fabrics, glittery embellishments and oversized shoulders. After researching I decided in a sleek finish embellished rock chic look with a military twist, using elements of roman military armour. For my neckline and cuffs, I took inspiration from the cube shapes in the IQ. I want my design to fit in with a city girl’s wardrobe, which could go from night to day with a quick change of accessories.

My piece is a jersey dress with a high neckline embellished at the front with chains flowing down the back to emphasise the plunging back. For night time add the cuffs with jewels and feathers to accessorise.


Maya Sueton, Clonskeagh, Dublin “Rock Explosion” 

My inspiration for this piece is explosions of different kinds from eco to literal. The work is a sequined bra and high waisted skirt.