"A woman can be an ideal model and she will photograph really well, but she'll appear in a film and it won't work." Oliver Stone.


Oh how wrong Mr. Stone was , well in regards to some models because we have to admit not all models have made a successful transfer from the catwalk to the big screen. Yet lately there have been some real talent skipping off the runway and making a name for themselves on the silver screen. Last year saw model Lily Cole prove she is far from just a pretty face when she had a role in Heath Ledger's final movie, Terry Gilliam's, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. This year it's Mancunian model Agyness Deyn's turn. It may be a short film but Deyn's performance has made a lasting affect. The short film entitled Mean to Me, by artists David McDermott and Peter McGough has resulted in Deyn receiving rave reviews. Vanity Fair columnist George Wayne deemed Deyn as "incredibly gifted". Can't wait to see it!

In other model news looks as though Naomi Campbell won't be facing charges despite allegedly assaulting a New York cab driver and then doing a legger, as only she can do. Will that girl ever calm down!

Today saw the opening of Paris Fashion Week, the most fabulous and my most fav of the lot. I'm sooo excited to see what Chanel, Stella and Dior will have in store for us and how will these exceptional talents top last years shows????

Of course just like everyone else I will be waiting with bated breath to see Alexander McQueen's final creations…..