"Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear."Oscar Wilde


Ahoy matey! were two words which sprang to mind as I entered a-wear this week. I have to admit I love all things stripy. Usually the nautical look doesn't ride the waves of our favourite stores until the summer but this year it's early which makes me very happy. The trip to a-wear proved very successful if not for my wallet but defo for my wardrobe. There was so much choice I was almost overwhelmed and to be honest I had to take a step back before I bought the shop! So I tried to evaluate my wardrobe at home and I picked a few distinct pieces which would instantly up it. My fav pieces were a navy, light cotton, hoodie with gold stripes and gold sailor buttons. I also love a navy and white striped long top which I bought in a size up and wear as a dress, matched with a large dark navy flower pin. What I also loooove is the price. This season a-wear have really gotten the catwalk look right and right on high street prices and a trip to Topshop a few days later proved just that!