"They fought naked, excepting their clogs. When one has the other down on the ground he first endeavors to choke him by squeezing his throat, then he kicks him on the head with his clogs." Wikipedia.

I never knew the wooden shoes from Denmark could be so rough but apparently back in the day clog fighting was a combative means to settling disputes. These days, clogs are merely the newest must have which have graced the glorious catwalks of Chanel. It's not the first time fashion has played with the traditional shoe. I remember the 90's platform style too. My mum even had a pair back in the 70's when the retro style stayed closer to form. And in spring clean law, I of course threw a pair out just last year, stoopidly thinking, sure clogs won't be in fashion again. How wrong I was…….and how wrong was the sales girl in River Island today. I asked the young fresh faced girl if the store had clogs in…..she looked at me as though I was 70 and mad. And in defense to her look of disdain I kindly informed the youngin that she will be wearing clogs this season, all thanks to Mr. Lagerfeld….again a look of confusion drifted across her face. AND THEN! I come home, I begin flicking through this months Stellar magazine, which on page36 has a pic of a gorg pair of clogs available in none other than River Island. Fancy that! Although they don't feature on the web-site yet….but once they do they are all mine! I mean if Alexa Chung can rock the Chanel clogs on the cover of Vogue, I'm sure I can rock them down Grafton Street, no?????

Alexa Chung