"The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in." Paris Hilton

Ok I have two things to apologise for. Firstly, that I haven't written in a while, yet again. Things have been madness around here lately leaving me with little time but life is calmer now so I promise to be on the dashboard a lot more often. Secondly I am very sorry for quoting Paris Hilton. In my defense, I believe the last line of the quote ever so perfectly describes Lady Gaga. Yet again this week her Gaganess made headlines with her bizarre sense of style. This time round the solar system/christmas tree style dress she wore to the Grammy's was thanks to Armani Prive. I don't know how to react to this and quite possibly this may the reason I have taken four days to write about it. The lady of outrageous style, made her mark not only on the red carpet but also on stage at the award ceremony, where her dazzling shades could only be matched by another fashion extrovert, Sir Elton John. But back to Armani and what were they thinking. I suppose it's all publicity and who more to publicise the label than one of music's most famous artists. At first I gasped as Lady Gaga made her way onto the red carpet and continued to every time a thought of it sneaked into my head over the past few days. But and it's a big but. Despite the madness of the custom-made crystallised gown, it was spectacular, stunning and innovative. Everything fashion should be. And so after four days of mulling over I realise I should never question Armani, they got it right.

Sticking with the Grammy Awards, posh made it to the red carpet again, not just once but twice. Singer and Actress Jennifer Hudson wore Victoria Beckham's signature LBD, while another Jennifer, Jennifer Nettles of band Sugarland wore a stunning crimson and black cut-out dress. Structured angles were all over the red carpet with this Victoria Beckham design truly standing out from the crowd. The Grammy's are all about fun, fun which was transferred to the red carpet. One artist who knows how to have fun is Pink and despite wearing Haute Couture her look was all about fun. The floor length ombre dress rocked the rock chick look as it's scalloped layers faded from gray to black. Pink added her own fun to the dress with 2.5 million dollars worth of bling!!! 

My worst dressed of the night was Rihanna. Her white feathered gown by Elie Saab just did nothing for the young star. I always feel that Rihanna is a hit or miss with more misses than hits. For such a young and successful artist she really needs to be strutting her stuff down the red carpet in one of fashions most sought after dresses. I think defo the first lady of the Caribbean needs a new stylist!

Next month the mother ship of all the award ceremonies, the Oscar's! I can barely wait!